Sunday, July 24, 2011

Art-Dalemi Manifest

How do you know what is the neo-conceptual art is? Open Saatchi gallery web site. Go to painters and look. It's 100% post-conceptual art. I like it. I feel much comfortable with it.

Realism scare me. Realism show how much damage life make to the human and nature around it. Realism was never made for busty housewives as Grobman wrote in Leviathan manifest. Realism was made to show that life is not "Absolute futility. Everything is futile." as Ecclesiastes say in the beginning of his preaching.

Avant-garde (include symbolic 2nd wave) came as a search. Primitivism, suprematism, constructivism, and futurism look as old fashion aesthetic exercises to me. Filonov and Picasso painted horror reality.

Then the modern (contemporary) art came, just as escape from reality. All the stuff is neutral, no tragedy, no history, just harmony with houses interiors and landscapes. Take advantage of the fact, that most of people see just color spot, while looking on piece of art. This is precise tailor made art for family life style.

For everyone satisfaction the neo-conceptual art came in last 30 years, and brought long desired balance between reality, fantasy, aesthetics, symbolic meaning of things, mood directed by colors; it takes advantage of all art history. Long life post-conceptual art!

Since I've worked hard to understand the basic tendency of 21st century art as post-conceptual, here is one of post-conceptual artist Volodimir Ruban paintings collection for sale , also at Alexey Mikhailov gallery.

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